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Grave Markers

Grave marker arrangements may be made with a monumental mason to supply and install a marker, of a design approved by the Gympie Cemetery Trust.

There is some variation in guidelines in different sections/areas of the cemetery, therefore the style of grave marker (headstone) or plaque permitted depends on the location of the grave and section, so it is advisable to check guidelines and requirements with the staff of the Trust prior to engaging a monumental mason.

Bronze plaque memorialisation is provided by an individually cast bronze plaque, which is mounted on a concrete beam at the grave or on the raised marker which has been positioned on the concrete beam. Bronze plaques may be ordered at the Cemetery Office of the Trust.

As monuments are expected to retain their structural integrity, restrictions apply to the materials and type of construction which may be used. Prior to construction commencing on any monumental work, whether new or maintenance of existing, a design plan must be submitted and approved by the Trust.

The holder of the Right of Interment is responsible for the maintenance of the monument and the grave.

Burial Rights and The Use Of A Grave

The Right of Burial/Interment for a new grave may be acquired in advance of need.

A Right of Interment is the right to use a grave to inter a deceased person. Payment of the required fee gives the right to use that land for burial purposes. The person owning the rights (the Burial Rights Holder) or the person legally acting on his/her behalf, has a number of rights and obligations, principally:

To provide his/her written authority, and to obtain the written permission of the Trust, for all interments or inurnments (in the case of niche walls). They are also required to issue instructions prior to the first burial in the grave, which will determine the number of subsequent burials, if any, the grave will accommodate.

The same authorities and permissions are also required for installation of memorialisation or monumental work and grave maintenance.

The Right of Interment to a grave cannot be sold to a third party, it can however be surrendered by the Burial Rights Holder to the Gympie Cemetery Trust. The Right of Interment can be transferred to another person by obtaining the relevant authority and permission from the Burial Rights Holder and the Gympie Cemetery Trust.

The Burial Rights Holder must also advise the Trust of his/her current address, in order that contact may be made if there is need.

The Right of Interment for a new grave is granted by the Gympie Cemetery Trust upon payment of the prescribed fee. Full documentation on the Right of Interment and the 25 year tenure term on pre purchased rights is provided at the time of arranging each position. Current legislation provides that a Right of Interment purchased for future use is subject to the condition that it shall lapse if not exercised within 25 years of acquisition. The holder of an unexercised Right may, prior to lapsing, acquire a further Right of Interment upon payment to the Trust of relevant fees which then apply.

The 25 year tenure commences from the date the position is allocated and arrangements may be made for renewal for a further 25 year term (a fee is payable) should the position not be used in the initial timeframe. Once a position has an interment or memorialisation the Right of Interment remains with the family in perpetuity, with the exception of an exhumation, (under Queensland State Law).

It is the responsibility of the Burial Rights Holder to maintain current contact details with the Gympie Cemetery Trust. If the Holder does not contact the Trust prior to the expiry of the Tenure to advise of renewal or other intentions, the Gympie Cemetery Trust holds the right to resume possession.

The grant of the Right to Interment does not convey an interest in the real property of the grave. The cemetery is situated on Crown Land.

Floral Tributes

There may be occasions where floral tributes, either natural or artificial, may need to be removed and be disposed of at the discretion of the Trust.

Personal Items on or by a Memorial

The staff and Trust members of the Gympie Cemetery Trust welcome the placement of flowers in their approved vases. We ask you to avoid items that are breakable or may be dangerous to other visitors. To be sure whether your item is suitable it is advisable to check with cemetery staff before adorning a memorial – unsuitable items will be removed from the grounds.