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General Information

Important Information for Visitors to the Cemetery

The Gympie Cemetery Trust endeavours to deliver the highest quality service in an established, tranquil environment. Our commitment is to provide caring, responsive customer service in a dignified manner, mindful and respectful of all customs and beliefs.

While the Trust is non-profit making, we must generate funds for ongoing maintenance and future developments.

AshesGardenImportant Information for Visitors to the Cemetery

Assistance ~

The cemetery is open daily to visitors from sunrise to sunset.

During business hours enquiries are welcome at the cemetery office where assistance with location of graves, memorials, plaques, grave cleaning etc. can be provided. Grounds staff are also happy to assist with general enquiries.

Behaviour ~

To help maintain the peace and dignity of the Gympie Cemetery for all visitors, Trust Regulations made under the Cemeteries Act determine lawful behaviour on this property. Visitors are obliged to comply with this Act. Some key points are as follows:

  • Cemetery Roads are Private Roads and as such the State Traffic Act and the Trust Regulations both apply. Road signs must be obeyed.  The maximum speed is 20 kilometers per hour. Vehicles must be driven attentively, being mindful of the general environment, pedestrian traffic and road conditions. Vehicles are not permitted off road unless authorized by the Trust.
  • Visitors are required to dress and behave respectably and not act in a loud or offensive manner. Bathing or wading in any watercourse is not permitted.
  • Please respect the cemetery environment and use the bins provided. Dumping of any domestic or industrial garbage within the cemetery is an offence.
  • No one may damage plants, nor kill or interfere with any animals. This includes feeding, or dumping any animals (wild or domestic) or poaching fish, yabbies or any other wildlife.
  • Dogs may only enter the cemetery if they are held on a leash and fully controlled at all times.
  • No person may interfere with any existing grave or memorial without the approval of the Trust.
  • Monumental work may only be carried out by registered monumental masons and all work must be specifically approved by the Trust.
  • Business, promotional or research activities of any type (unless authorized in writing by the Cemetery Supervisor and/or Trustees) may not be conducted within the cemetery.
  • The law respects your right to privacy. If you are disturbed by any person seeking to conduct any business activity within the cemetery, please notify our office/ground staff as soon as possible.
  • Non-approved objects, including ornaments, glass jars, wooden crosses etc., will be removed for aesthetic and safety reasons.

Warning ~

Unfortunately everyone does not consider the cemetery sacred and theft of valuable items from graves and even from within locked cars may occur. Keep valuables out of sight at all times.

Uniformed, non-uniformed police and security officers patrol our premises. We also have a range of video surveillance cameras operating throughout the cemetery.