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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I actually purchase my burial position?


No, you purchase the rights to that burial/niche site, therefore becoming the burial rights holder. The land remains in the administration of the Gympie Cemetery Trust, however only the burial rights holder can authorise burials and memorial additions.

If I pre-pay for my burial position and my circumstances change and I need to move, am I able to have my money refunded?

 Yes, we repurchase surrendered burial rights at 80% of original cost.

Can I sell the rights of my burial position to another person?

 No, your position may only be returned to the Gympie Cemetery Trust. You are not able to sell your position to another person.

How do I go about organising the purchase of my position?

 It is as simple as completing an Application for Purchase of Burial Rights form which is able to be obtained from the cemetery office.