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When There’s a Death


What do I do first?

Arranging a Cause of Death Certificate is the first priority. If the death has occurred in hospital, the Certificate will be organised by the medical staff there. If the death has occurred without a doctor in attendance, the first step is to call the deceased person’s doctor and arrange for this formality to be completed.

Who do I turn to next?

The next step is to contact a Funeral Director – they can provide the guidance you need until the day of the funeral and beyond. Funeral Directors are available at all times ~ 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Do we need to have a funeral service?

Choosing the type of funeral service is a very personal choice. Many people make their wishes clear prior to death, but often the details of the service are left to the family. In this event, your Funeral Director can be a valuable source of guidance.

Funeral services fulfill physical and emotional needs. At the most basic level they allow for the disposal of the deceased’s body in line with state laws. However, a funeral service is also an important acknowledgement of a loved life. It is a way to say goodbye and to help move into the next stage of grief and recovery.

What happens at the funeral?

A funeral service can take any form you wish. You may choose an informal outdoor gathering or a formal ceremony within a place of worship ~ or anything in between. Funerals may be an intimate family gathering or a reception for hundreds of friends and acquaintances.

The only requirement of a funeral service is that the deceased is transported to the cemetery in a suitable coffin or casket.

Bereavement ~ Grief Support

Living With Your Loss

The Gympie Cemetery Trust and Staff recognise that the path is not easy when death has upset the rhythm of life.

During those difficult moments of experiencing the death of a relative or close friend, you, your family or friends may need to talk to someone about your grief.

Here are some recognised counselling services to assist you.

24 Hour Crisis Counselling

»        Lifeline    131 114
»        Parentline  132 289  
»        Kids Helpline  1800 551 800 
»        Mensline  1300 789 978